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At Microbiomehq we’re about raising awareness around the important role our gut bacteria (or Microbiome) plays in our overall health and well-being.   These tiny microbes are responsible for extracting the nutrients from our food, help support our immune system and exert great influence over our metabolism.  You might say they are r

The Microbiome

Professor Tim Spector

esponsible for our overall health and wellbeing.

One of the writers we recommend is Professor Tim Spector from Kings College London who has published a book entitled “The Diet Myth” where he dispels long held beliefs about how and why many of us have tremendous difficulty losing weight.

The scientific evidence is clear that we are governed by the diversity of bacteria in our gut – our microbiome.  These trillions of bacteria not only help break down our food but support the immune system, nervous system and are vital to our overall general health.


We have also chosen to showcase Dr Raphael Kellman’s book “The Microbiome Diet” as a way of highlighting cutting edge scientific developments around intestinal health which supports our general well-being.   Dr Kellman is a specialist in integrative medicine and intestinal health and has developed a concrete program for fast, healthy and permanent weight loss.

Dr Raphael Kellman

Dr Raphael Kellman

We outline the devestating effect stress can have on our gut bacteria and show the benefits of Prebiotics and Probiotics in supporting and feeding the good bacteria in our microbiome.


I would recommend everyone read it.  It’s very informative and easy to read.   We are in phase 1 of the ‘diet’ and following it to the letter.

 It is a book about health and how to approach life in a healthy way.

 His remedy is not so much about taking out food types, it is more about adding certain foods that make your gut happy and that help create more good bacteria.

 This is a well written book with new detailed information explained in a very clear way.


 “I am so excited by the release of Dr. Kellman’s important new book. In clear, lucid writing, readers are elegantly transported to the cutting-edge science behind the microbiome and provided with practical, pragmatic advice that empowers them to employ simple techniques that will yield life-long benefit.”—Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, author of the New York Times bestseller Eat Right For Your Type

 “After decades of killing bacteria with antibiotics, we have finally reached the era of probiotics. This switch is crucial for our health, and The Microbiome Diet will show you how.”—Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

 Natural Solutions, September 2014
“Reset your metabolism and free yourself from food cravings and an uncontrollable appetite with Dr. Kellman’s revolutionary diet, which shows us how to balance the gut’s healthy bacteria. Lose weight and keep it off with this nonrestrictive plan.”

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