• I would recommend everyone read it.  It’s very informative and easy to read.   We are in phase 1 of the ‘diet’ and following it to the letter.    Published 6 days ago by S A Berkley
  •  It is a book about health and how to approach life in a healthy way.    D and M Protech
  •  His remedy is not so much about taking out food types, it is more about adding certain foods that make your gut happy and that help create more good bacteria.     Margarita Uricoechea
  •  This is a well written … Continue reading NOW!

Amazing Facts about your Gut Bacteria

good and bad bacteria

The “Gut Microbiome” is the good and bad bacteria living in your intestine.

The Gut Microbiome and Intestinal Health


In order to maintain our health and lose unwanted fat,  scientists have discovered that we need a rich and diverse population of intestinal bacteria – CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR GUT’S SUPPLY OF GOOD BACTERIA FROM THESE PURE PROBIOTICS 

While some of our gut bacteria are the same for all people, we each have … Continue reading NOW!