Why You Need Super Seeds


They may be small but they are tiny powerhouses that deliver whopping amounts of protein, essential fatty acids, lots of minerals and add surprise to every dish.  They pack such a punch and should be included in your daily diet.

All these wonderful seeds are full of antioxidants which are vital to our health and wellbeing. Antioxidants inhibit the chain reaction of oxidation and the production of free radicals.  Antioxidants act like the terminator and stop that reaction in it’s tracks.

Nature's Super Seeds




Fabulous for your heart – these little triangular seeds that are actually a fruit.  Buy a packet of Buckwheat flour and make THE most gluten-free delicious pancakes/blinis.  These seeds are a good source of magnesium and just perfect for a healthy cardiovascular system.





Super for intestinal health and high in protein plus EXCELLENT source of omega-3 ALA.  One of the nicest things about Chia seeds is that they deliver massive amounts of nutrients without the calories. They are loaded with antioxidants.  Although tiny, they pack a powerful nutritional punch, in fact, Chia is the Mayan word for “strength”.

Nature's Super Seeds


These tiny seeds are wonderful on a fruit-salad anytime but especially for breakfast.  I realize there is a heap of sugar in fruit – yes wholefruits – but these do provide some protein as well.



3.      LINSEEDS/FLAXSEEDSNature's Super Seeds

Here is one of your richest sources of omega-3 fat.  Don’t be confused about the two different names.  North Americans use Flaxseed to describe flax when used for human consumption and Linseed to describe when it has been processed for industrial purposes.



4.      PEPITA SEEDSNature's Super Seeds


Pepitas are pumpkin seeds and provide a great source of iron, zinc and other minerals.  Delicious sprinkled liberally on breakfast muesli and fruit – along with your Chia seeds and in trail-mix with some organic sultanas.  They make a super twist when used on baked sweet potato.




Nature's Super Seeds



Come from the beautiful opium poppy and are a rich source of calcium. They have been around since ancient times and you’ll often see them on baked goods. They are a good source of minerals like calcium, iron and zinc. Wonderful sprinkled on whole-wheat pancakes – gluten-free too if needs be!



6.     QUINOA SEEDSNature's Super Seeds


Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) has as much iron as meat, plenty of protein, fiber and zinc as well as Vitamin B complex and E. Can be served in place of rice.  If you cover with water for a few minutes before cooking it will remove any bitterness.



Nature's Super Seeds



A valuable antioxidant and also good for keeping red blood cells healthy. They are full of calcium and have been adapted for many recipes.  A familiar one is hummus, of which sesame seeds in the form of Tahini is the main ingredient. Use hummus for a wonderful dip with carrot, celery and cucumber sticks – yum!





Think Vincent Van Gogh and his famous painting of Sunflowers.   These seeds are a good source of folate which helps repair our DNA and produce red blood cells.  Also high in iron zinc and protein.  Nature's Super Seeds

Sprinkle these seeds over hot or cold cereal each morning or over your salad at any time.  Use them in sandwiches or wraps.  Soak them overnight in water and use pureed in soups or thicken your casseroles.  Alternatively you can grind them and make your own sunflower-seed butter.














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