The Brain And The Gut

The Brain and the Gut

THE BRAIN AND THE GUT – It’s a two-way street.



Did you know that your gut has its own brain?  It is called the enteric nervous system consisting of  a bundle of neurons found in the lining of gut.

Like the brain, it has its own set of neurotransmitters for sending messages between nerve cells, and it has the ability to learn and remember.

The brain and the enteric nervous system are quite separate  entities connected by a long nerve “cable” known as the vagus nerve. These two systems are in constant communication.  So in effect … Continue reading NOW!

Olive Oil Scandal


Have you seen the recent warnings about our available olive oils?  If you’re enjoying it for it many health benefits you might want to do your own research about just what we’re getting when we buy “cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil” in our supermarkets.

 Is your “extra virgin” oil even a “virgin” at all? bottles of Oils

Recent research has discovered that much if not most of the olive oils in your local supermarket and gourmet food stores have been adulterated, mislabeled, are stale or even … Continue reading NOW!