The Secret to Staying Thin is in Your Gut


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Super Size Me


Remember the guy who made the documentary film ‘Super-Size Me?’  He set himself the task of eating nothing but 3 McDonalds meals a day, every day for 30 consecutive days.  His weight ballooned, his energy levels plummeted and he experienced many unexpected side effects, some of them terrifying. WHY?


It just may save your life!

The Answer is in the Microbiome – It Takes Guts!

The answer lies in our gut (our microbiome) and the trillions of bacteria that live there. Real science now shows convincing evidence that our microbiome holds the key to why some of us are unable to lose weight whilst others seem to shed pounds easily and quickly. Our microbiome is where our gut bacteria live.

Here’s the Myth about Dieting.

Professor Tim Spector, from Kings College London is a research scientist and has published a book entitled “The Diet Myth”. Here he shows how obese people have a less diverse microbiome compared to normal people, that is they have less species of good bacteria in their gut. He said “avoiding processed food is crucial for a diverse microbiome.”

Probiotics Foods

Professor Tim Spector

Probiotics Foods

Professor Spector is of the opinion that, a diet of junk food, years of dieting leaving out particular food groups and overuse of antibiotics will starve the good microbes in the gut. What we need is to make our gut healthier by feeding the good bacteria from a range of healthy probiotic foods to ensure we have a good diversity of bacteria working to support our overall health.

Unhealthy Gut

Recently he has recreated the “Supersize Me” event on a smaller scale with his son as the protagonist. The result of course was that the microbes in his gut were significantly reduced leading to a poor diversity of gut bacteria.

Studies with mice have clearly shown that if you take microbes from fat people and put them into skinny mice, you can make them fatter.

The Brain and the Gut

Although the original documentary film ‘Why Not Super-Size Me’ was shocking and funny it also provided a great deal of information. It showed the drastic effect on his physical and psychological wellbeing as well as highlighting the fast food industry’s corporate influence on society.  Recent research shows there is now clear evidence of the two-way connection between the brain and the gut.  In fact our gut has many more neurons than our brain!

The Brain and the Gut

The Gut Brain Connection

Medical researchers are at last beginning to understand this two-way relationship between the brain and the gut. In effect we have two brains – with more neurons in the gut than in the central nervous system. Messages pass constantly between the two and science has proved that it is not just our imaginings that when we experience severe stress it affects our gut and we may become constipated or experience diarrhea or stomach pains.  

Microbes – the secret to staying thin.

Whichever way you look at it, there is no getting around it – we’re all getting heavier regardless of the mountain of information out there about weight-loss, diets and exercise. Something is missing from the equation and the latest research now points convincingly to our genes and the bacteria in our gut. It seems Microbes are indeed the secret to stay thin.

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