7 Top Wellness Tips

Put out the Fire.

good and bad bacteria

Inflammation may affect every part of your body!

 We’re talking Inflammation  

and it can wage war on your precious systems.  When your body is constantly busy fighting itself you can be sure some pesky problems will arise and you could become more susceptible to other diseases.  Look into ways to reduce inflammation.  Your body does not need this.

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Talking Poop…Oh Yes!

Perhaps you need to be looking into your diet very carefully when things aren’t going right in the Poop department.

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 Is too much fiber making you bloated and gassy? You must check out soluble fiber rather than insoluble fiber and begin treating your gut with more respect.  Remember you need a great diversity of bacteria in your gut and a great balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria for your system to work efficiently.

Ditch the Stress….really, – let it go.

Who do you know that isn’t stressed out totally?  Daily meditation can work wonders for you BUT it must be daily.  Give your brain a work out – just like you give your body a workout.  Both need the practise to become a habit and for something to become a habit you must work at it for at least 40 days.  I’ve yet to meet the individual for whom this do not work.

Celebrate the Milestones – give yourself some credit

Don’t be hard on yourself!  How much progress have your made already?  What are you reading that will support your new healthy approach to life?  What changes have you made to your eating plan already?  How are you planning to de-stress?  Set your goals but tackle things one at a time.  People often make the mistake of biting off more than they can chew and end up highly stressed, worn out and depressed about their situation. Make change incrementally – and notice the results.

Supercharge your Diet – and what’s in your pantry/fridge

Now you’re clearing out your body, lets clear out your pantry and fridge because it is linked directly to your gut.  Stock up with some of nature’s superfoods.


Superfoods, high in antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Avocados have no carbs and is rich in B vitamins which support your heart health.

Eat blueberries, gojiberries and acai seeds.

Parsley and hello flavor in breakfast omelets.

Lemons are alkaline and help balance your body’s pH levels.

 Sauerkraut is a terrific probiotic food along with yogurt (the unsweetened kind mind) and

Capers are little flavor bombs that can make your homemade pizza really zing.

Flax oil is high in omega-3’s which is great for your brain function.

Listen to your Body

Did you know that your gut has a brain?  In fact, it has more neurons working away than your other brain.  So listen to your gut!  Your amazing digestive system needs to have a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria and a diversity of that bacteria to maintain overall health. Eating whole-foods, adding some probiotics into your diet and keeping stress level in check are great ways to support your gut.

Get rid of the Naysayers.

You can’t be around negative-sounding people.  They are toxic and bring bad vibes into your energy field.  Say goodbye to Toxic relationships.  Think you can change them?  Do you really want to live under a big black cloud?  You need energy, positive energy to be happy and feel free and get on with creating space for healthy relationships to flourish.

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